ZenFold is a puzzle game based on a combination of origami and tangrams. Each puzzle provides a shape that you create by folding a series of square pieces. There are over 100 different tangram puzzles across 10 unique categories and a full suite of soothing music to provide a meditative ambiance. The color palette of the game can be changed to suit your individual style, with bright, vibrant palettes and calmer, subdued tones for a more relaxed environment. Experience the soothing tangram puzzler ZenFold.
  • Puzzles inspired by origami and tangrams
  • Thematic packs including mythic, zodiac, and armory categories.
  • Full suite of soothing original music
  • 40+ color palette choices
  • Calming, meditative gameplay
  • Intuitive gameplay that is easy to learn
Based in Overland Park, KS
Release Date:
May 23rd, 2017
Android / iOS
Regular Price:
Free to try /$1.00 for full game
OverHook Games
Team Members:
Bob Dimond - Music
Royce Rogers - Code
Allison Vansickle - Design
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Allison Vansickle and Royce Rogers of OverHookGame Devs Like You, Chris DeLeon